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CIRCLESŪ: Intimacy & Relationships Education

The CIRCLES Program teaches social distance and levels of intimacy through the use of six color coded circles.

Starting from the center circle, which is the 'self', each new colored circle represents behaviors, feelings, and actions appropriate to the distance from oneself (the center circle)

For example, a person may hug and kiss members of the family, but only wave to the mailman, who is in a distant circle.

This program is good for use with people with autism and/or developmental disabilities.It teaches students to determine different degrees of intimacy with people in their environment and to adapt their behaviors accordingly. The program teaches students how relationships can be formed and maintained according to the social norms of our day.
Attending the program costs $150 per team of parent/caregiver and Circles participant. However, the materials and concepts can be adapted to be taught within the student's classroom.

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Click below for teacher made printable worksheets
Circles Diagram Circles Members Worksheet Circles Probe Sheet

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