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Edmark Reading Program

Edmark teaches basic reading skills to the most struggling readers and non readers.

Carefully planned introduction of words and evolution of sentence structure promote language development. The lessons provide one to one instruction and paraprofessionals can effectively teach them.

Edmark increases word recognition and comprehension, develops vocabulary, and builds self confidence. It teaches words from the Dolch word list and basal readers, word endings, capitalization, punctuation, visual memory of words, left to right reading, thinking and discrimination skills, combined words for story meaning, and associations between oral language and print.

It uses a whole word approach with short instructional steps, consistent repetition, and positive reinforcement to ensure immediate success. Multiple learning modalities are incorporated. It does not use phonics, but instead uses a point and read approach. If the student doesn’t know a word it is supplied.

Click here for teacher made puzzles: Edmark Word Puzzles (Print on index cards and cut apart to make 2 'puzzle pieces' for each word.)


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