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Language for Learning

Language for Learning is an oral language, scripted curriculum that provides learners with a basis for reading comprehension. This program teaches students words, concepts, and statements and helps them to generalize this knowledge. This program is designed for kindergarten and primary age school children, as well as ELL students. It can also be used for students with developmental delays.

Elements of the program-

Instructional words: It includes prepositions, sequencing vocabulary, math concepts such as some, none, or all, if/then concepts and who/what/where/when questions.

Concept application: Includes activities to provide students with opportunities to use the concepts that they learned earlier in the program.

This programs also has students learn classification skills as a way to describe items and understand their relationship to each other. This also helps them to organize information and learn new vocabulary.

Problem solving: Allows students to use previously taught skills to solve new problems. In this program, children solve a problem based on a rule such as “Only the girl with the ribbon will get wet”. They learn a variety of sentence structures and learn to identify absurdities.

Click HERE for a video of a Language for Learning lesson

This is a sample of a teacher made skill tracking sheet for this program: Skill Tracking Sheet


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