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Reading Milestone

Reading Milestones

Reading Milestones is an alternative, language-controlled program designed to take readers to a fourth-grade reading level. Level 2 is at 1.0-1.5 grade level. It is especially effective for students with hearing impairments and language delays and is also widely used with others who have special language and reading needs, including individuals with learning disabilities and students learning English as a second language (ESL).

This program begins with the simple language to ensure initial success in reading and by increasing language acquisition (vocabulary, syntax, figurative language). Students work in very small steps, accompanied by constant reinforcement, to ensure continuing success.

Vocabulary, language structures, and comprehension skills are introduced in small increments. The vocabulary is from several high frequency word lists (including the Dolch Basic Sight Word List). All the essential comprehension skills-literal, inferential, evaluative, and critical reading skills-are introduced and practiced in workbook activities. Chunking (the separation of phrases by several spaces) is specifically used in the first three levels. The program introduces vocabulary, syntax, and idiomatic language in very small steps.

The program consists of readers, workbooks, spelling books, teacher guide and placement tests.


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